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P.P.U.H "DEMAX" company z o.o. came into existence in Starachowice in 1991 of year and is making the company of the commercial law of natural persons.

Enterprise "DEMAX" is making building-assembly and installation jobs with own powers in the full scope realizing tasks in the system "up to the key". Our company carried m.in. out coming investment tasks: academic Centre of the Culture in Radom, isolation Department of the urban Hospital in Starachowice, the Starachowice Incubator of the Enterprise, the primary school No. 2 in Starachowice, the Centre of educating practical about Starachowice, commercial-service Pavilion about the volume over 10,000 m3 at the Radomski Rd in Starachowice. Objects were also being modernised with our participation for the public m.in. Bank Śląski Oddział usefulness in Starachowice, P.K.O Bank. B.P., urban Office in Starachowice, Specialna economic Zone "Starachowice". We are carrying also works out in the scope of installation work tj.: aqueous-sewer installations, central heating systems, wirings, installations of the ventilation.

P.P.U.H. "DEMAX" is employing 62 persons in the full measurement of the working time. The education in accordance with the profession carried out and entitlements to performing independent technical posts in the scope have the persons responsible for the completion of work of building and installation jobs. Production workers are guaranteeing the professional preparation and the long-standing practice the thanks the fit and prompt course of works and the high quality.

Demax Sp. z o.o. 27-200 Starachowice, ul. Harcerska 11
tel. +48 (41) 274-58-04, fax. +48 (41) 274-58-04, e-mail: buiro(at)demax.biz